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ANEW WAY Therapy takes the successful elements of three separate cessation programs and combines them into one comprehensive program. By taking an alternative approach to combating nicotine addiction, we address the withdrawals of the body and mind. First, we attack the PHYSICAL side of addiction through a non-thermal, non-invasive low level laser being applied to pressure points on the hands, arms, face and ears. Laser therapy bio-stimulates the body's cells to resume naturally releasing endorphins and other "feel good" chemicals to help you through your physical withdrawal stage. Next, we address the PSYCHOLOGICAL addiction through your own customized, one-on-one Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, or CBC which is a form of the hypnosis process. This technique helps you find the inner resources to overcome your limiting beliefs and accomplish your goals by creating helpful new ones in relation to a more healthy lifestyle. Our comprehensive program provides EXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT for six weeks throughout the "Break the Cycle" phase. During which we will let you choose your preferred method of communication (text, email, phone call) to ensure help and encouragement on tough days and pats on the back through your milestones. Remember, there is no "silver bullet" or "magic wand" that can make you quit. But when you're ready, we will be there to help you through each step of the way!



So, how much does it cost to possibly add years back to your life? Your initial investment of only $479 includes 2 - 3 laser treatments, one CBC session and six weeks of outstanding support. Additional laser treatments may be provided during the first six weeks at ANEW WAY Therapy's discression. If after your initial six weeks you require additional therapy appointments, they are available for only $79 (see details about our Quitters Club Membership). Now, that's what it will cost you, but how much will you save? The average smoker will recoup their initial fee within 2-3 months of not buying tobacco products. Anything saved after that is just money in the bank! 



A percentage of your fee will be donated to three non-profit charities that make an amazing positive impact, both locally and around the world. The selected organizations are
A Breath of Hope, Smile Network International and
Ruff Start Rescue. Please visit their websites to learn more.



After your sessions, you will notice how relaxed and generally good you feel. Clients who have completed the program enjoy the stress relief benefits of ANEW WAY Therapy so much that we created a separate option for anyone wanting a drug-free and healthy way to deal with stress and anxiety. A 30 minute Stress Reduction Therapy session is $79, make it an hour for just $125. You will leave feeling relaxed and recharged!



Each member of our staff has been professionally trained and certified. We also have an M.D. as our Medical Director for oversight of our facilities.



Although there are no known health concerns regarding this type of laser treatment, we recommend that people with the following health issues or circumstances not receive treatment through ANEW WAY Therapy: those with epilepsy, photosensitivity, steroid intake within the last 48 hours, pregnant women, those with thyroid problems, cancer or pacemakers.



A majority of our clients experience little to no weight gain during the process. If you are able to make the changes to drop your tobacco habit and incorporate healthy new ones, you should have no problem maintaining your current weight. Suggestions and tips to avoid weight gain are provided as well.



No significant side effects are reported to have been caused by low level laser therapy or CBC, although occasionally clients mention experiencing "dry mouth" symptoms after their sessions.



Your initial session will take approximately 90 minutes. The laser therapy portion will last approximately 30 minutes. After this, you can relax even more as we move on to one-on-one Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) which lasts about 25 minutes. Once the first two phases are complete, we will create your personal quit plan and discuss helpful tips, techniques and support specifics. During your remaining appointments, you will only need to receive the 30 minute laser treatments because you will already have a recording of the CBC to listen to as needed.



Preparation is always helpful in order to set yourself up for success as you give up your tobacco habit. We strongly advise that you get rid of ALL tobacco products (opened and new) so that you aren’t tempted to relapse. Be sure to tell your friends and family about your quit day; they will help to hold you accountable and be there to support your healthy decision. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and a short sleeve shirt for your therapy sessions.


Unfortunately there is no single solution to overcoming tobacco addiction. We do believe that when you are ready to make the change and when you truly feel you are willing to kick the habit, we have ANEW WAY that will help you acheive your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Programs


Get in touch with us to discuss options for bringing our treatment plan to your employees! The benefits of having a group quit plan incorporated into your health and wellness program are endless and we want to help you introduce a healthier workplace to the people who are your biggest assets. We can bring our program to your site or a nearby hotel or conference center. Call us today to learn more!

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